Decluttering Week 3

Okay so I’m late in posting my decluttering update. I was a tad busy polishing up some chapters. While the husband worked on his project this weekend, I set about cleaning up the bathroom cabinets. We have a storage unit over the toilet and it had become cluttered on the top with tons of bottles and general crap. The open shelf below was in the same state. I had stuff in there I hadn’t used in years. Not sure why I hang on to stuff when I have no intention of using it ever.

Anyway, I cleaned off the top and got rid of bottles of old shampoo we weren’t using. Then I organized the open shelf below. Now it only holds essential things we use daily. And the top is much cleaner too!

IMG_5304I also went through kitchen linens and organized those. I have too many to fit in one drawer and rather than take up space in two drawers, I remove them, refolded and reorganized. Some went to the linen closet for storage. I’ll rotate them once a week. I put all the potholders in one drawer, too, so I can reach them easily. Though in hindsight I think the potholders need to be in the drawer closer to the stove.

I tried to organize the drawer with all the big utensils but there’s only so much you can do with that. I did manage to get all the things we use most on top but I know that will be jumbled up as we use it.

I intend to take the linen closet soon. It’s overflowing and awful. How many spare pillows does one need anyway?

By Michelle

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