Deep Edits

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I’m blogging today at the Samhain blog at 9:00 am if you’re so inclined.

This month, I’m taking Margie Lawson’s Deep Edits workshop. I have to admit, I’ve already learned a lot in only the first two lectures. And we still have a few more weeks to go!

One of the things Margie talks about is how to “backload” your sentences and paragraphs. I actually applied what I learned from that to writing my query. Since I’m getting ready to send out queries, I figured it would be a good time for that.

I agonized over every single word. I made sure that every sentence ended with a punch. I’m still not sure about the turn out, especially since I haven’t sent it out to my trusty readers. But after reading the query over and over and out loud, I think it actually sounds a lot better. I hope it’s enough to get me a request.

Of course, that’s hopeful thinking, isn’t it? LOL

And unfortunately I’m going to have to cut this off short today. My hand is killing me (still have that injury) and I’m having a hard time typing without typos. Yeah, it hurts. I suspect it has something to do with the crummy weather (more rain today – blah!) plus the fact that it hasn’t quite healed up yet. Durn thing.

At least it’s Hump Day.

By Michelle

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