Did it

Put in my notice and all is right with the world.

DH (Dear Husband) came home early today. His plane actually landed thirty minutes early. He was standing outside the terminal when I got there which was great because I didn’t have to hassle with parking. We had a nice dinner at a great Mexican place. As we were leaving, the lady at the table next to us commented how good our son was the entire time. (Of course he was! LOL)

Then we spent several hours at the mall. He wanted a new watch. We ended up at Nordstrom’s. Never been in that store, but what a wonderful shoe department they have. Every pair I picked up was $88. I guess that’s the standard price. 🙂

I’m quite stuffed and about to head downstairs to have some great snuggle time on the couch. Safe bet I won’t get any writing done tonight. And tomorrow is my RWA chapter meeting. Looking forward to that as always!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.