At our company banquet on Friday, someone was kind enough to donate two of his season tickets for the Dallas Stars as a prize. They were for the February 14 (V-day) game against the Red Wings. I mean, really nice seats, too! And what a great game!

This ungrateful asshole was trying to sell them to the highest bidder yesterday in the office.

Now…if you don’t want them, give them away to someone who does OR sell the on eBay discretely!

I was so ticked when I heard this. As a hockey fan, I would have given my left eye for those tickets. Even if I ended up not using them, I would have made sure I found someone who could.

People like this completely disgust me. And then the guy had the gall to come up to me and ask if he could trade the tickets for something else. Not other tickets…something else.

The nerve.

In other news… I had half of a peppermint cheesecake left over from Saturday’s party, so I brought it to the office to get rid of it. I know someone up here will eat it. 🙂 I sure won’t. It’s funny – I love to bake them, but I’m just not a big fan of them. I’d pick chocolate over that any day.

I had a long conversation with a writing pal last night about the state of my book. Since I’ve decided to rewrite the first MAGIC book, I’ve managed to get stuck already on page 8. After talking it through and out loud, I think I need write a lot of backstory that will never make it into the book. This is so I can get to know the characters and the history between them and how it all converges together in the first book. Maybe I’m making this way more difficult that it should be. Maybe I should just write. I don’t know.

Maybe I need more sleep. Haven’t been sleeping well lately. I’m waking up early – like 4:45 am – and I can’t get back to sleep. I did that this morning. Woke up and laid there until the alarm went off at 6. Which sucks. I have a hunch I know why I’m having these sleeping problems and it has nothing to do with writing and a lot to do with worry.

I’ll work it out.

Right now, I need coffee. :coffee:

By Michelle

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