Quote of the Day:
It’s over, Johnny. It’s over!

It’s the end of an era…the beginning of a new one.

Left my old job today and will start the new one tomorrow. My IT buddy has already set up my username and passwords. I’m looking forward to getting back to graphics.

Yes, Colin, I am a gun-toting, high-heel wearin’ Texan. Texan first, then American. Talk to any native and you’ll know right off the bat we love our state. Some Texans think it should be the Republic of Texas again (when we were our own country). 🙂 But don’t worry, I’m not a radical.

What else is there to say today? I am grossly behind in the serials. I am vowing to get caught up this weekend without fail. I have to. Last weekend was basket weekend, this weekend will be serial weekend. And some time or another I need to finish the May newsletter. At least it’s started! What happened to April? One minute, it was April 1 and the next we’re about to cross into May. Sheesh. This month really got away from me. I was going to get ahead on the serials not further behind. I actually wrote some longhand tonight and you know, that was refreshing. Maybe I needed that to break up the monotony of typing all the time.

My Canada friend finally received her package I mailed nearly two weeks ago. Hooray! She loves the Literati I sent her. And it is beautiful. Always a hit. They will be stocking stuffers this Christmas for sure.

Having some difficulty typing here, so I think it’s about time for bed. After I scribble in my notebook and read some. I will probably pass out before I get very far though.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.