I swear. I sick of rain. That’s all it does anymore. And ALL the rivers and creeks are about to swell out of their banks around here.


It rained again today. And is suppoed to rain tomorrow and the next day. In fact, we’re supposed to get more rain through the weekend and possibly the beginning of the week. It’s not looking good for 4th of July fireworks. Hopefully things will dry out before then.

I have large puddles under my hedges in the front of the house. The grass already needs to be mowed again – and I just did it on Saturday!

Got some work done on MAGIC today. Three more chapters edited, in fact. I have the next three printed and ready to go. That will be for tomorrow.

Not much else happening in my world. Don’t forget to stop by Chicas tomorrow. It’s my blog day there. 🙂

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.