Easy As Pie

This year’s contest has been…interesting. I’m learning that more and more people just don’t read the directions, nor do they follow them correctly if they DO read them. Some of the entrants sent their print entry to me; and the electronic entry to the print coordinators. This has happened more than once, now. You’d think following directions would be easy as pie, wouldn’t you?

Are people in such a hurry they can’t read submission guidelines? Now I understand why editors/agents get really frustrated when the guidelines aren’t followed. In the four years I’ve been doing this contest (sheesh! has it really been four years??), I’ve never seen it this bad. And now that the deadline looms, I’m getting emails from people telling me they’re mailing their entry form.

Really (and not to sound mean) I could care less if you mailed your entry form. If you mailed it and it’s postmarked by the deadline, then YAY for you. Yes, I realize I will most likely get it on Monday or Tuesday and No that doesn’t mean you’ve missed the deadline. Yes, I realize the deadline is January 24. As long as your entry is IN MY EMAIL with a date of January 24, YOU ARE STILL ENTERED. I really don’t want the added emails saying you mailed your entry, nor do you need to thank me for my confirmation email to you, letting you know I’ve received everything. sigh

I will say this, though. We have about triple the electronic entries as we do print, which shows you how things are going with the economy. Since we implemented electronic entries, we have been running about half and half. And this year, it’s overwhelmingly electronic. I have my work cut out for me, for sure. I’ve already been attaching score sheets. Once I have all the entries, then the real fun begins: Begging for more judges and assigning entries. Oh, and the category with the most entries, hands down? Young Adult. I find that extremely interesting!

So this weekend, I’m working on more chapter stuff. I have to get the online workshops organized and booked. Then I have to work on getting the registration form up and running on the website. I hope I know what I’m doing. LOL!

Other than that… not much else happening. I’m taking the kiddo to get his hair cut this weekend because it’s looking long and shaggy. I DO also plan to write. I’m still shooting for that February 1 finish goal of Rome. Think I can do it in one week? I only have about 15k to go. 😉

And is it just me, or has there been an influx of dumbasses on the road lately? It seems like there are morons driving around everywhere. Who let them out? haha

Happy Friday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.