It was a holiday here in the States yesterday – Labor Day! I stayed home, worked, and tried not to snack. (I tend to want to do that when I’m home. It’s the very reason I don’t buy junk food or sweets!) 

I’m coming up for air from Editland. I’ve been working on NICE GIRLS DO these last few days.

I’m happy to report I managed to get about 60+ pages done this weekend. I’m about half-way through. My deadline is September 18 so I should be able to make it no problem.

Sent out the monthly newsletter this weekend, too. What’s that? You’re not on my list? Why, be sure to jump on over to my home page to get signed up! There’s also a sign up right here on this blog. 😉

Been brainstorming on a couple of new contemporaries I could do. One is the final book in the Coffee House Chronicles and the other is a stand alone contemporary. I just have to figure out what makes these great. I’d like to keep with my fun voice of the contemporaries but sometimes it’s very hard to write witty, especially when you don’t feel that way.

A good friend of mine keeps telling me the hot stuff is my bread and butter, and I know she’s right so I’m going to start putting that to good use. I can write hot and it sells very, very well (plus I get smoking covers!) so I’m thinking I need to plan out some short novellas and get busy on them. I mean, I have the ideas in my head, it’s just getting them down on paper that’s the pain in the ass.

Still have the MAGIC book and the dragon book going, too. Damn, I wish I had more time to work on everything. It sucks my time is so limited. I’m just going to have to learn to write faster I guess!

It’s back to work today. Aren’t we all glad? HA!

Ya’ll be good. 😉

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.