Edits, Contest, and Maps

I think one of the most fun things about writing fantasy is the map drawing. I’m not artist, that’s for sure. But to be to draw a map of the city or world I’m creating and then reference it, really helps. I can really get a reference point of where I am in that world, where my characters are, what they’re doing, how they live, where they shop, etc. In this case, my characters live in a world based on Ancient Rome, complete with chariot races and gladiators. It’s so much fun.

I got some great feedback on the book from my CPs. Man, they’re tough. They’re making me dig deeper and get to the meat of the characters, pointing out errors about them, and telling me where to make them strong. That’s exactly what I need. It helps give me some direction. Now I just have to find the time to do it.

I’ve started doing the edits on the book. This will be Revision #2. I think it will be fairly major, but that’s okay. It’s only going to make it that much better. I’m pushing out my April 1 deadline to May 1, ready for submission.

I’m also critiquing a friend’s story and loving it. Her world is so vibrant and fun. 🙂

The deadline for the first round judging is THIS Friday, which means I will be swamped with entries this weekend and working on that. I foresee an entire day dedicated to that on Sunday. I still have a lot of entries out to judges, which worries me. We’re down to the wire and just under half are still out? Can you say gray hair alert? I’ve emailed the judges. Hopefully they can get them to me by Friday. *crossing fingers*

So, how about you? What’s new in your world?

By Michelle

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