End of Freedom

It appears my days of freedom are coming to a close. Alas, this is my last day of “vacation”. Otherwise known as “unemployment.”

I received an offer yesterday from a very solid company with benefits that literally blew me out of the water. After three interviews, a reference check and a background check (still in process but hey, I’m no a criminal…hehe), I accepted the job. I start MONDAY. 😮 So this weekend will be about preparing mentally to go back to a full time job. I confess I’m a little apprehensive, especially since my last experience didn’t end so well. I have never felt so betrayed and I can admit now it took a huge blow to my self-confidence. My…retribution (for lack of a better word) is getting a job again with a BETTER company and far better benefits. So there. 😛

I can say I have really enjoyed having three months off. It’s been great. I learned a lot about myself AND my writing. I also learned I have probably the greatest, most supportive husband in the world. AND I got to spend some QT with my kiddo. Even though there were days where he drove me insane. 😀

So now it’s back to juggling two careers and a family. Am I up for the challenge? Oh yeah…

Bring it on.

I also have more news but I think I’ll make you wait until Monday. It’s just as stellar. 😉

Happy weekend!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.