Errand Day

Thunderstorms rolled through the area last night. We got a lot of heavy rain and some thunder and lightning but that was it. No threat of tornados and this is the time of year for them. At one point, I felt safe enough to plug the computer back in and turn it on and a few minutes later – BAM! – a crash and the power blinked off and on. Great.

I was worried about the computer the most since that’s irreplaceable even though I have everything backed up. It was fine, thankfully.

The loud thunder and brief power outage, though, scared the baby and we had issues after that. He wouldn’t go to bed but I assured him all was well. I went to bed early too (AFTER unplugging the computer and the TV) and I had hoped to sleep in this morning.

Not the case as the baby was up at the early morning hour of 7 am. So we got up and had breakfast and I hit the ground running. We went to the bank, then to the mall so I could return something. Then it was on to the pet store for cat grass. The baby likes to look at the fish and the frogs and he’s decided he wants a pet lizard. This particular PetSmart has a “pet hotel” and they had all the big dogs in their room playing. It’s behind glass and these big puppies were so funny. We had a good time watching them.

After we hit the pet store, I stopped by the house to post a few things and then it was back in the car.

It’s a beautiful day today. Everything is so lush and so green from the recent rains. And the sky is brilliant blue. It’s awesome. We hit Party City and Half Price Books and I got a bunch of stuff for the baby’s Easter basket. Then it was on to Target.

I’m in search of a “prize pack” as a giveaway for Murder at the Booksigning. I’m calling it the “Ransom & Fortune Suvival Kit Prize Pack” – haha. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted at Target and ended up getting the baby a new little toy – a Spiderman cell phone with camera. Of course, it’s all pretend but he loves it and it was only $7. Best $7 I ever spent I think. Oh and he got a new metal Batman lunchbox too. Yeah, I’m a sucker. 🙂

We were starving by this time so it was back in the car and off to McDonald’s where I knew we could eat cheap. The one by my house has been a total disappointment lately. I have to really watch them when I order, especially the Happy Meal and especially when they have the boy and girl toys. I checked the bag and sure enough they had given me the girl toy – which was a doll. I knew the baby would have a fit if we got home and that was in his bag. So I hand it back to them. Then they forgot my 3 cookies for $1. Idiots! I shouldn’t have to do their job for them.

We ate lunch and then got BACK in the car because I realized I had forgotten a bunch of stuff for Easter at Target. I needed to hit WalMart insearch of that prize pack stuff anyway. It was my last stop. So I got Easter grass and egg dye, jelly beans, chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies, and a whole mess of Easter stuff for his basket. I have 36 plastic eggs that I filled with the jelly beans. I found some candles too I needed (yeah, NEEDED – I have about 230498 candles at home), as well as the items for my prize pack. 🙂

Since I had exactly 18 items, I went through the 20 items or less line and got right out…$60 later. Why is it I went in there for only two or three things but come out with a basketful of stuff? hehe

Home again and I was exhausted. I let the baby boy play some computer games and then watch a movie while I cleaned my dirty bathrooms and the litter box. I still need to vacuum and start laundry but I’m so tired I can hardly stand it.

I considered going to The Man’s restaurant for dinner tonight so I wouldn’t have to cook but then then thought of driving all that way beat me down, so I think we’re having frozen pizza instead.

I’ve got to find the time and energy to get back to the book and soon. I can’t believe tomorrow is April 1. Sheesh

AND! Loreena McKinnett will be on PBS tonight so I’m taping it. I can’t wait to see it!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.