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Does anyone else feel like this? I can’t believe September is nearly over. I don’t even have my fall decor out yet! Of course, it’s still in the 90s here and not feeling very fall-like. I wish October would get here with lovely temps. And rain! We still need that.

Yesterday I had to take the car in for service. Nothing major, just a tune up. My tune up cost $530. It was painful. The windshield washer had stopped working as well. That was another $168. I also had to have a fog light replaced. Add $49. All told, it was an $800 day. Money I could have spent on a new Coach bag. It was painful signing that check, let me tell you. But it needed to be done and the car seems to be happy. However, my clutch and rear brakes will need service soon.

At least the car is paid for and I have a job that allows me to pay for the service. See? Silver lining.

In other news.. I finally finished the read-through of the latest WIP. I made lots of long-hand notes on what scenes I wanted to add, rearrange and revise. I’m ready to get started on that but since there isn’t 36 hours in the day, I’m running out of time. Plus, with the release coming up, I need to get my promo spots done. Most of them are scheduled which is great.

Have you seen my website lately? If you haven’t, it looks much like the blog. I like the way it’s turning out. I don’t have a lot of fancy graphics in the headers, mostly because I don’t have the time to figure out how to expand the header (yet). When I do, though, I’m going to try and hire a freelancer to make something snazzy for me. In the meantime, I’m focused on writing and editing at the moment (and promoing!).

I decided to come to grips with the fact that one of my books wasn’t selling so well and terminated the contract. I’m waiting for reversion of rights. As soon as I get them back, I’m going to edit that book and self publish it. I already have a smokin’ hot cover for it (I hired someone to do it for me). Think I’ll beef up the sex scenes in that book, too. Self-publishing is an experiment for me right now. The two short stories aren’t selling that well (if at all) but that’s okay. They’re shorts. Hopefully something with a sexy cover will sell like hotcakes. 😀

And I can’t believe it’s Wednesday. I have so much to do…and so little time!

By Michelle

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