Experimenting with my Camera

I’ve been on a mission – to learn how to use my fancy new Canon T3 Rebel. So far, I have learned how to take some decent pictures. I’ve dragged the husband and kid around to different parks and a local lake just to snap some photos.

In one of my weekend quests, I thought I wanted a telephoto lens. Because I want to take pictures of birdies. Um, the lens I want is $650. Won’t be getting THAT any time soon. However, I did purchase some filters. I got a UV filter and a star filter and they are both very cool. The star filter does a really cool thing when you take pictures at night. You’ll see my “experiment” with the last picture below (those are the lanterns we have in the front garden – I love them!). I’m not going to win any awards or anything but I do enjoy snapping the pictures. Plus it gets me out of the house and away from this blasted computer.

I thought I would share them with you here. Enjoy!

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