Explosions in Downtown Dallas

I went to bed early last night but I still feel like I could have slept another two hours this morning. I’m exhausted. And I really don’t know why.

Tonight when I get home I have to mow the yard so maybe that will help perk me up. Who knows.

There were major explosions in downtown Dallas yesterday right off of I-30 and I-35. Thank goodness I don’t have to go anywhere near that interchange! Apparently, a truck of some sort caught fire and it happened to be backing up to a welding company. Which in turn caused the building to catch on fire. Which in turn caused all the acetylene to explode. My friend and co-worker was driving to work when it happened and she saw fire ball after fire ball go into the air. And fiery debri flying everywhere. She said it was terrifying to be stuck on the highway with noplace to go and watching this happen right in front of her literally only a few feet away.

It made national news from what I understand. You never know when something like that happens these days if it’s an accident or something more sinister at work. This time, it simply was an accident.

I was at the salon getting a pedicure during the 6 pm news so I missed the news reports but I saw the video and it was incredible. Mym other doesn’t live too far from downtown Dallas, so I called her last night to see if she felt the explosion (the ex works IN downtown and he said they felt it at their building). She had no idea it was going on. haha

We chatted a little bit and then I drank a beer and watched the first episode of Firefly – that Joss Whedon series that only made it one season. I really needed to work on the book but I just can’t seem to find the energy lately. I’m just exhausted ALL the time.

I need to start working out again I suppose.

And it’s off to begin another day. I’m in need of much coffee.

By Michelle

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