Fall is here!

Quote du Juour:
“You go into the arena alone. The lions are hungry for you.”
–Rhett, Gone With The Wind

It’s about time Fall got here, too. It was over 100 degrees yesterday (again!). Until the cool front came through mid-evening. And then the north wind started blowing and the temperature started dropping. By this morning, it was 62 degrees. Sweet!

I had to make my son wear long pants today, much to his dismay. But the minute we walked outside, with that wind blowing, it was actually chilly.

That’s Texas for you. 100 one day, 60 the next.

But it’s great. And you won’t hear me complaining. I love this weather. Walking to the car, hearing the wind blow in the tops of tress… Fall has finally made an appearance in North Texas. The sky was somewhat overcast with what I like to call “winter clouds”. Those low puffy gray clouds that makes you think you could reach up and touch.

I’m so ready for winter. Tired of the heat. Tired of sweating. Come on cold weather!

In writing news… I think I got about 200 words yesterday on the new novella. Can you say pathetic?

And in KIC word, got a very odd update message. It sounds fishy.

And LOST! Holy cow it was great again last night. Thank goodness Sawyer is okay. Hated the part where he dug the bullet out of his arm (“Got a Band-Aid?”), but was very relieved to see he was still alive. And I can’t wait to see next week!

Short but sweet entry here. Must dash.

By Michelle

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