Fare thee well, Barbaro

For my racehorse friends: Rest in peace, Barbaro.

I saw a story on that courageous horse on the Today Show yesterday as I was getting the baby ready for school. It actually made me tear up. Especially when Dr. Richardson was too emotional to speak. 

Yesterday was a good day. Had lunch with Best Good Friend and we cracked each other up repeatedly. We’re pretty sure we’re the funniest people on Earth. 😉

And you know the romance is going strong with The Man when he gives you the name of the guy who does his taxes. Gosh, that’s almost like a bouquet of flowers, isn’t it? I mean, he actually SHARED priceless information with me. Hey, I’m not being sarcastic here. I’m totally serious.

Oh and I still haven’t got the smilies up and working again. I’ll get to that. Eventually.

I got the car washed on the way home. It was so filthy from Artic Blast 2007 I couldn’t stand it another minute. So the baby boy and I stopped at the quickie car wash on the way home and $4 later, had a clean car. Got home to discover I had a mailbox full of junk mail – hey at least there’s no bills, eh? And then cooked dinner. The kiddo told me he wasn’t hungry and went off to play in his room but by the time dinner came out of the oven, he got up in his chair and ate nearly the whole thing. Uh huh. Not hungry, eh?

Watched American Idol. You know, I wonder…what if writers acted the way some of these people did when they got rejected? Can you imagine calling up the editor/agent and telling him/her they made SUCH a mistake in rejecting you and then proceed to list the reasons why? Explain how wonderful your writing really is and you were “just nervous” when you wrote that query letter and could they please give you another chance? And then when they continued to reject you, you yell profanities at them and then slam the phone down. Yeah. That would go smashingly well, wouldn’t it? And it would also mean you’d never work in the business again. Word would spread like wildfire about That Person Who Couldn’t Handle A Rejection and no editor would touch you. No editor, that is in New York.

I’m just saying…

Anyway. Wrote! Using that wonderful little AlphaSmart Neo. MAN, I should have invested in one of those long ago. The dragon story is coming along in slow spurts, but it’s coming and that’s all that really matters.

I was shocked yesterday to realize that today is the last day of the month…and I have two newsletters due. Yeah, like, um, I haven’t started either of them…

Have a parent/teacher conference this morning to see how the Sweetie Boy is doing in Kindergarten. I mean, come on. I know he’s brilliant. He gets it from his mother! 😉

Happy Wednesday, ya’ll.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.