Fast Weekend

No progress on anything to speak of since the weekend was busy – as per the norm. It started with a 9 am soccer game on Saturday. I had some gift cards for Bed Bath & Beyond to use and I couldn’t even spend it all. I ended up with a new blender, a wok, a new coffee pot, a mandolin, a cheese grater, some new silicon baking pans, and other odds and ends. I loved my shopping spree. It was a lot of fun!

The Man and I grilled chicken Saturday night and corn on the cob. It was so yummy. Sunday morning we got up late (I love sleeping in!) and ended up at Lowe’s. We were supposed to get rain all weekend but it didn’t happen. Instead, we had lots of sunshine. It was beautiful.

So Man decided to attempt gutter installation Sunday (Phase 2 of Front Yard Makeover). We got to Lowe’s, got all the parts necessary, and then got in line behind this woman who had minimal stuff in her basket. We thought it would be quick and she’d be out. WRONG. She very methodically chose which item would be scanned next. And it took. FOR.EVER. We must have stood there ten minutes.

Now, I have zero patience. But I was trying. I made a good effort but in the end, I lost it. We got in another line, checked out and was out the door to the truck and that women was STILL.THERE. We got the truck loaded, the gutters tied down and I was just climbing in when she finally emerged from the store. REALLY? You’re the only one in the store today? I was beside myself.

Back at home, we started the gutter project, got the first two up. Then I was off to a 2 pm soccer game. Ran by the store afterward to get some stuff for dinner (meatball subs – YUM) and got back to help Man finish the gutters. He did a great job. Now, we’re just waiting for rain to see how they work!

I made meatballs for dinner with Italian sausage and hamburger meat. Then we put them on bread and covered with mozzarella cheese and they were tasty. Finished laundry and then the weekend was done. It went so fast.

Tis okay, though. Tuesday I’m taking a vacation day with Man and it’s going to be a Play Day. Weather is supposed to be awesome, too. I’m looking forward to it! Hope everyone has a super Monday.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.