Feng Shoe

So I was in Barnes & Noble one day and I ran across the most adorable shoe book in the world. It’s a mini-book and it’s the book of Feng Shoe. It’s a guide to helping you choose the correct shoe which can encourage good fortune, a propitious lifestyle, love, wealth, and good health.

Of course, it’s just a book for fun, but I love it.

From the book:
Before shoe shopping, calm yourself by meditating in the center of your shoe storage room. Place a woven mat of green sawgrass in the center of the room. Light incense and darken the room. Sit on the mat with your legs crossed. Clear your mind of all extraneous thoughts. Breathe slowly and deeply. Focus your mind on what you hope to accomplish.

Chanting is optional.

Possible Chants:
“Do you…have these…in red?”
“Will you…take another 10% off…if I buy…two pair?”
“I saw…them first…BITCH.”

Okay it totally cracks me up. I love this! More from the book of Feng Shoe later.

However, I do want to say that this little book is inspiring some fiction I’d like to write. Currently, it’s all in my head, so I need to get it down on paper as fast as I can before I forget it all.

Yesterday, while thinking of a possible Book 3 of Ransom & Fortune, I doodled on a sheet of paper and wrote up a quickie synopsis. I like the idea for the plot so I will keep some notes on it for future reference.

Right now, I have three other projects that HAVE to be finished this year. MAGIC WITHING is still in various stages of revision – and I have it with Harlequin right now so I think that will take top priority. NICE GIRLS DO is another one that needs to be completed. PLUS I have ONE KNIGHT ONLY I’d like to finish revision. The bare bones are there; I just need to git ‘er done.

Oh and before I forget – Here are the shoes I bought this weekend:

Nina - Gussie

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