I had all sorts of things on my to-do list for yesterday. Not much of it got done.

First, let me tell you about The Glasses Fiasco. My son broke his glasses less than 24 hours into summer break, much to my dismay (approximately 3 weeks ago, just for a time reference). He went to a birthday party which was a gymnastics place. They had this rope where the kids can swing on it and then dive into a giant vat of sponge-like thingies. Which of course he did. After he landed, the rope swung back and smacked him in the face, thereby popping out one of his lenses. And guess what? It disappeared. Never to be seen again.

Since it was Memorial Day weekend when this happened, I couldn’t get in contact with the doctor until Tuesday. I explained the situation and they were awesome – they gave me another copy of his prescription (it was a year and a half old and the place where I had it filled would not, of course, fill it again because it was, you guessed it, over a year old). So anyway, I get the new prescription and decide to take it down to my local WalMart to have it filled, hoping I could get it for a little less than $200 (it was over that the previous time).  This is on Tuesday, May 31, mind you.

But I can’t buy just ONE lense. Oh, no. I have to buy all new frames, too. To get the warranty they said. Okay, that makes sense. I’ll do that. We get everything squared away ($171 later…ouch) and they tell me they should be in by Saturday, Jun 11. Sometimes earlier. Okay. Surely we can deal with a little over a week with no glasses.

Only the glasses are not to correct his vision so much as they are to correct his amblyopia (commonly known as lazy eye). He starts to have double vision, blurred vision and headaches. And of course he wants to spend a huge amount of time in front of the computer and/or the Wii. Which I try to limit but he gets bored and, well, I try to write… and, well, you TRY writing a new erotic novel with a kid hovering. 😉

Anyway. I start calling a few days before the due date. They’re not in. By Saturday, I call again. Still not in. I ask where they are. They don’t know. They’ll call the lab on Monday they say. Monday comes and I get a call saying the lab “made a mistake” and they had to “start over”. So now I’m wondering if they ever even sent in the order? WTH? I tell the guy on the phone that we NEED to get these glasses in. He gives me a “yes ma’am”. A totally “I don’t care; I’m just doing my job and you don’t matter” yes ma’am. It hacks me off. He says they’ll be there by Jun 15 <pause> or the 16th.

They still do not arrive on Jun 15. I’m livid now. I call and talk to the manager. “Oh, they SHIPPED today. They’ll be here tomorrow.”

Seriously? W.T.H.?

I tell them, “If these glasses are not in my hand by end of business tomorrow, I will be coming up there and YOU WILL BE REFUNDING MY MONEY AND I’LL BE TAKING MY BUSINESS ELSEWHERE.”

“Yes, ma’am.”


Luckily for them, they arrived yesterday. Otherwise, I would have to release my wrath. It’s not pretty, folks.

I also went to get my tires rotated yesterday at Sears (where I bought the tires). They tell me it would be at least an hour before they could get to me and then another 45 minutes after that. I look around. I’m the only customer in there. There are a few cars in the bay and NO guys working. Huh. I leave. I go down the street to Discount Tire. They’re awesome. They get me in and out in 25 minutes. Discount Tire, I love you. I’m sorry I went to Sears instead. I won’t do that next time.

And…I had two potential jobs fall through. It was an all around sucky day, to be honest. I got zero writing done. I *did* help my CP work on her story but other than that, mission not accomplished. Today, I shall endeavor to do better. My husband told me to stop making excuses. And you know, he’s right. I need to stop it. I can’t let stuff like this get in the way. I need to relocate from the desktop to write because I tend to get lured by the evil Intarwebs. And Facebook. And Twitter. And Email. All evil. And detrimental to my writing.

So that’s it for me. Happy weekend, ya’ll. Stay cool. We’re hitting 101 this weekend. UGH.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.