Fin! and other business

First: My good friend, Devon, is blogging today at Sole Struck. Check it out here!

Yesterday, I typed THE END on the Rome book. It weighs in at 62,900 words and ends JUST exactly how I wanted it to. I’m very happy with the draft. I’m looking forward to getting into some edits and then shipping it off to the publisher. But I’m taking a few days off before getting back to writing.

Next up: Sex, Lies and Martinis

I’ll also work on Magic Within.

I have a lot of things I still want to do, that still need my attention (like my dirty house) but I have been determined to finish the book. I’m glad I finally did. It feels good. All told, I wrote it in about 2 months. Of course, it took longer than that because of the holidays/contest/life/etc. but I’m still pleased with the quickness of the draft.

I have some other ideas percolating but I can’t do anything about them yet so I made some notes and filed them away for future reference. I love OneNote for that. I’ve put it in a place and called it “idea box” for later. haha

In other news…

Forgot to pay the water bill. Oops. Guess I’ll be doing that right away. At least I still have water!

And… remember the infamous Best Buy incident? Well, I got a letter from their customer relations department at their corporate office yesterday. She offered a large apology and a $20 gift card (paltry, but, FEH, I’ll take it). BUT the best part of the letter was this paragraph:

I want to apologize about the lack of professionalism and courtesy offered by the manager you spoke with. He definitely should have provided some kind of solution to help you out. I thoroughly documented your experience and have made it available for our upper management team to review and take any internal action that they find necessary.

So. I am very happy with that response. As it should be! If you’re going to be the manager of a large store such as Best Buy, you should at least TRY and be customer friendly and help the customer. Wouldn’t one think?

At any rate, I intend to use the gift card and report back to customer service. I’ve shopped at this store lots and spent literally thousands of dollars with them. It’s not likely I will go elsewhere. But I do want them to know that it’s unacceptable for managers to treat customers with such disregard.

Busy weekend ahead. I have a board meeting tonight with one group; a chapter meeting tomorrow with my regular chapter (we’re doing a special First Kiss contest and I have fabulous prizes), the kiddo has soccer practice at 3 and then Man and I are doing dinner at Red Lobster. YUM. I can’t wait to have me some surf and turf!

Oh – and don’t forget to kiss your sweetheart tomorrow. It is, after all, Valentine’s Day. 😉

Happy Friday!

PS. I’m such a duh. All this time using WordPress and I just figured out how to use the Spellchecker…

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