It’s the end of the week! Is it just me or has this been the longest week known to man? Sheesh.

Yesterday was an intersting day. We had a chili cook off/bake off at work. Now, I love to back. LURVE it. And I make killer cheesecakes. I also make killer brownies. I mean, they are to die for. So. I decided they would be a great contender in the bake off. I’ve burned up hand-mixers making these brownies – that’s how GOOD they are. Lots of sugar and butter and eggs. Yeah, um, like 1000 calories a bit. But wonderful.

Anyway. So I bring my goods for the bake off and folks eat and drink and they vote. And…I don’t win in ANY of the categories. And there were four: People’s Choice, Best Tasting, Best Presentation, and Most Sinful. Or something.

Instead, this nasty banana cake or some sort one. In three.

Now. I’m not a sore loser. Not by any stretch. Fair is fair. But when the person who counted the votes and the person who sponsored the event are the sole winners in the dessert category… yeah, it makes me raise a suspicious eyebrown. I’m sorry, but.. IT WAS RIGGED! It had to be.

So I very calmly picked up my left over tray and announced in my most jovial voice, “You guys suck. I’m taking my brownies and leaving.”


Now, mostly I was kidding. But I can’t tell you how WRONG that whole thing was. I had several people tell me their thoughts on the matter and they thought the same thing I did. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one. So I’ve decided – if they do that next year, I won’t be playing. When I bake, it’ll be for my favorite people in the office. And EFF the rest of ya.

How’s that for holiday spirit? HEHE

Aside from that, the rest of the day was nice. We had our own little Christmas with our department and exchanged gifts. I got lots of goodies to eat and LOTS of fun little gifts. Not to mention we had lots of laughs and just shared a good time.

Doesn’t help I have the best boss in the world EVER. Yeah, she totally rocks.

Anyway, left the office early and just as I got home, the ex called to discuss how we were going to do next week with the kiddo. He totally surprised me by saying he wanted to let me have the baby boy Christmas Eve afternoon, let him spend the night and have “Santa” with me and my mom, and then bring him to his house later that morning. I was very surprised, especially since it’s his year to have Christmas with the baby boy. I’m super happy about it.

So now my plans have changed slightly for the next week. On Monday, I’m driving to my mom’s (EARLY) and having Christmas with my brother and sister-in-law and their kids. And then Mom and I are packing up and heading back to my house in time for the ex to bring over the kiddo that afternoon. And THEN the three of us are going to the candlelight service at the church at 6 pm.

And THEN we come home, have a little snack for dinner and then go to bed to get up early (I’m sure) the next morning to have Christmas morning.

But wait – there’s more!

After I hung up with the ex, me other phone rang. And lo and behold it was my aunt. She was in the area with my cousin and so they stopped by for a few minutes for a very long overdue visit. As I’m visiting with them, the ex and the kiddo stop by to pick up his things from the past week. 

So after they left, I ended up talking with my mom on the phone for nearly an hour. And THEN I was starving and had dinner and wrapped the rest of my presents and hooked up the Wii and played it. And OH MY GOSH the Wii is so much fun!! I played the bowling game. It’s just like the real thing. LOL

Back to next week, though – it’s going to be BUSY and full of Christmas activities. My neice will be coming to stay with me the three days after Christmas and I’ve planned some outings to the movies and to the mall with the Neiman Marcus store because she’s a Mini-Me when it comes to shoes. So we’re going to pet Manolo Blahnik’s and Christian Louboutin’s together. Won’t that be a blast? I think so.

I’m just so thankful it’s Friday I could cry. It’s seemed like it’s taken FOR-EV-ER to get here and now that it is…I’m very much looking forward to my week off. Yes – I’m off ALL next week. WOOHOO!

I do plan to blog, thought, but for those of you who are traveling have a safe and very merry Christmas!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.