I got some sleep last night! No interruptions. It was glorious.

I’m hot to have a new computer so I picked one out on Best Buy’s website last night. I picked out a really nice new system with a 19″ monitor. It’s a Dell. Oh, and a new laser printer that prints 17 ppm.

I think I’ll go by the store this weekend and see what kind of financing deals they have. Sometimes they have those no interest/no payments for 12 months things. If I can get that… well, I might be coming home with a new toy.

The one I have is really okay for what I use it for but it’s loud and I’m tired of sitting here with the hum. I can hear it all over the house. Plus, the CD drives are fairly old by today’s standards. I have a DVD drive, but it’s clunky and slow. I have a CD-RW but it’s clunky and slow. I want something newer and more up to date. Plus the USB ports on the front don’t work.

Can you see me talking myself into it? We’ll see I suppose. 🙂

No writing to report last night, sadly. I was just exhausted. After dinner, we had to go up to Office Depot for some stuff. It’s Teacher Appreciation week and every day we do something for the teacher. Today it’s bring much needed school supplies so we picked up some dry erase markers, staples, and glue sticks.

When we got home, the kiddo played Wii while I finished doing dishes and other stuff. Got him in the tub and then I was tired. But I sat at the computer for a while anyway and then finally climbed in bed.

It was funny – I was so tired, but when I laid down, I couldn’t sleep. It must have been about 30 minutes before I finally drifted off. And I just hate that.

Anyway, time to get the kiddo up for school and get going. I’m so happy it’s Friday! 

By Michelle

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