Finally… a break…

Thanks to everyone who stopped by Devon’s blog yesterday with my characters/emotions post. It was fun. 🙂

We finally got a break in the rain yesterday. We even had some sunshine and a patch of blue sky! I’d forgotten what it looked like since it’d been raining for, oh, FOUR FREAKING DAYS. Ah well. We needed it. The lakes did. And especially my yard did. Plus we have cooler temps and the air isn’t running so much, which is nice. I like it. Keep it up!

The other night, I managed to get about 1500 words done on the new WIP. But then the next night I got only 200. BLAH. Hey, still progress, right? I inched closer to 12k, though. I finished chapter three and started on four and it’s hard for me to write. Hard as in there’s a lot of dark moments.  Makes me actually feel back for the charater. 😀

I fully intended to work on the book again last night but I had some things I needed to catch up on and answer some emails and well, it didn’t get done. Plus I had a raging headache. Must be something in the air because I woke up with it.

Tonight, I get the kiddo back. Looking forward to that. Guess I need to think about something to thaw for dinner, huh?

Happy Wednesday!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.