Finally Friday – and Lost stuff

I seriously believe this has been the longest week known to man. SERIOUSLY.

Had a great evening last night with the kiddo. I couldn’t face cooking so we stopped at McDonald’s on the way home. The kiddo ate every bite and then went outside to play. He was out there about 45 minutes while I paid bills and got things in order. Oh, yeah, and used my birthday certificates from DSW. I ordered a pair of shoes, but the color I wanted was sold out. weep So I bought orange instead.

I also have $25 in JCPenney certificates I need to use. I have my eye on an outfit.

Got the kiddo in the tub since he was dirty and sweaty from being outside. He decided he needed a snack before bed so he had milk and graham crackers, which I figured was a better snack than anything else. Then we finished watching Don’t Forget The Lyrics celebrity version with Brett Michaels (ROCK OUT!) and then put him to bed.


Okay. So. First, let me just say W.T.F.?!? Is it me or is it just weird that Kate and Jack were all cozy together in her house with “her” son (which, as we were reminded last night, is actually Jack’s nephew seeing as how little Aaron belongs to Claire who is, as we know, Jack’s half-sister). Why is Kate doing something for Sawyer, who, according to Jack, stayed on the island? And WHY does Hurley think they’re all dead in their flash-forwards? I will be seriously ticked if this whole entire show ends up with the survivors being in purgatory or something. Please, don’t do that to me.

Second, let’s talk about Saywer, Miles, and Claire. Where does Claire go? Does she really end up with Daddy? And what about little Aaron? Is THAT how he Kate gets to be his Mamma?

Was I the only want disgusted by Jack’s proposal to Kate? It’s so obvious to me these two are completely wrong for each other. We also see the beginnings of Jack’s downward spiral – how he ended up hooked on the drugs and began drinking, much like dear old dad. So…are they really all dead and Hurley was right? OR is Hurley really insane and he’s just seeing things? He claims to have seen Charlie and they have chats outside on the bench. That Charlie told him to give Jack a message: You’re not the one to raise him or something like that.

I like Juliet enough to feel bad for her when she realizes Jack is in love with Kate and vice versa. Juliet has feelings for Jack, more than just friendship and if Jack would pull his head out of his ass he would see that. I was disturbed by Kate’s emotions through the flash-forward and I don’t know why. She was awfully weepy. And how could she say she loved seeing Jack with Aaron? DUH. They are blood relations. If anyone should be with Aaron, it should be Jack.

So many questions! I hope these writers give us answers and wrap up all the plotlines.

OH and yes…I’m still shocked at last week’s episode. I still can’t believe that guy shot Alex in the head. But wasn’t it totally awesome that Ben “called” the black Smoke Monster? (However, I AM deeply disturbed he managed to twist Sayid into working for him in the future…poor Sayid… he’s been corrupted by an evil man…)

Okay. Enough of Lost. I gotta get to work. Happy Friday!!

By Michelle

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