First day success

Well my Sweetie Boy had a good first day of school and of course they sent home a mound of paperwork to fill out. He’s already made a new friend! I love that.

I finally decided what to do with my royalty check and it’s nothing fun. I paid off a bill with half and put the other half in savings. I know – it’s not a pair of shoes or a fun outfit. I did the responsible, adult thing with it. How depressing, huh? But at least I’m not saddled with that bill. Two down, two to go. And then I can work on the really big one. :hissyfit:

It’s okay. Actually, I’m working toward paying off all the credit cards and getting them gone. Because I really really want to buy a house. So that’s my big secret. It’s better to pay something off than to buy something I don’t need. Gaw, that sounds so grown-up. When did that happen? When did I suddenly become an adult?

Anyway, I have two small balances I’m going to tackle next and then a very large one. I may be where I am for another three to six months. I don’t know. I just have to see how I manage by the end of the year. Christmas is gonna kill me…

Not much progress on NGD last night. I had to run about a thousand errands last night with the baby. I did purchase him some birthday presents last weekend and one of them was a small Spiderman couch his size that folded out into a bed. Anyway, I didn’t have room for it in my closet to hide it until his birthday (the 30th) and so I’m in the bathroom and I hear,”Wow, Mom, this is a cool couch!” and I’m confusd. “What?” I say. “This couch is so cool, Mom!”

I come out of the bathroom and he’s found it (I had it sitting on it’s end behind the chair) and he’s sitting on it, patting it. Gosh, it was cute. So I told him happy birthday early and he laid on that thing the entire time he was here.

Anyway, don’t forgot about Picture It Monday! I have a couple of entries already. 🙂

I’m sure there was something else important I needed to blog about but the brain is failing me right now and it’s time for me to hit the door. Happy Hump Day!

By Michelle

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