Five Letters

Quote du Jour:
Happiness is only a teardrop away.
–Fairy Godmother, Shrek 2

There are five letters sitting in front of me. Five letters to five agents.

Tomorrow there will be five more (those that require submission packages. The above are only query letters).

I decided after talking with a good friend about agents and what-not to just start sending out letters again. I figured I have nothing to lose and all they can say is NO. Right? And I think my query is kick ass. 🙂

Still, the sting of rejection hurts, but I’ll be prepared. For some reason, this time around, I don’t care as much. I guess because I’ve moved on from that story and have written two successful serials. I’ve started a new novel – something I should have done long ago. But sometimes, it just doesn’t feel right. You know? Hard to explain.

Part of the problem several months ago was my creativity was squelched. Because I was so stressed out during the day, I couldn’t write at night. And I hated that. So being in this new calmer environment has given me my writing time back. I no longer feel like writing is a chore, which it did for the longest.

This is what I want my career to be. This is what I see for myself in the future – writing. Being a novelist. I’m lucky I have a husband who supports that.

So…anyway…I have five letters to five agents in my stack. I used my primo Agent Matrix I made in Excel to track the progress. Oh sure, I could do it online with Writer’s Market (of which I am a subscriber), but I like having it in paper. In front of me and easily accessible. Besides, if I forget to renew my membership, then everything will be lost (it’s happened!) and I want to be able to have the information at my fingertips at any given moment.

So I’m mailing these letters today. I’m dropping them in the mailbox without hesitation. And then tomorrow I’ll schlep over to the post office two blocks away in 100 degree heat to mail the other five packages. (Actually, we’re supposed to get a cool front tomorrow, so let me amend that to say it’ll be 90 degree heat. HAR)

It’ll be worth it.

On the writing front… I wrote one more issue of the romance. FOUR to go till the end.
One very difficult issue of the adventure serial. I sort of wrote myself into a corner and had a difficult time trying to get out of it. But I think I’ve sort of succeeded in that and we’re moving on.

In other news. HOCKEY. Yes, they are officially coming back. After Gary Bettman beat down the poor players. I’m on pins and needles hoping our best players come back this year. Guerin and Modano. I heard Hatcher was released from Detroit, so there is a possibility he could be coming back to Dallas. We could always use more muscle on the team!

There are some new rule changes this year – like no more ties. There will be a shoot out if a regular season game ends in a tie after one overtime period. I think that’s weird. Which means they’ll redo the points standings, too. I suppose that’s how they’re going to get more teams into the playoffs. Should be an interesting season. I’ll be perched on the edge of my couch with a beer in one hand, waiting breathlessly when they finally drop the puck!

By Michelle

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