Five More Work Days

Hey, all! I’m over at Star-Crossed Romance today if you wish to check it out. I would love some company over there.

Plus! I have a new review for TALK DIRTY TO ME by Valerie Mann. She says, “I love this book. Period.” And she gives is a 4.5. You can read the rest here. Woohoo!

Yes, I am counting down the days until I’m on vacation. And it can’t come soon enough, let me tell you. FIVE more work days. And then I’m out of the office for the next SIX work days. A week and a day. Heaven.

Of course, I’ve already got a booked schedule for next week. Parties, meetings, workshops, appointments. I’m really looking forward to meeting up with my online friends. The only thing that is making me really nervous is the flight (have I mentioned I hate to fly?) and getting from the airport to the hotel. BUT, from what I’ve read online, I can take the Metro directly from the airport to the hotel. Which rocks. I need to get back online and get their service map.

Got my hair done on Friday and it’s, um, dark. Instead of the normal strawberry blond, I now have dark red hair with blond highlights. Quite a change. Plus, I was sick of seeing all the gray. My Stylist Extraordinaire said most of the gray was at my temples and in my bangs. I told her that was my mom’s fault. 😀

I still need to get my eyebrows waxed and a pedicure. That’s on the scheduled for Monday.

Friday evening, Man and I went to Macaroni Grill for an early dinner. It wasn’t crowded. However, we seem to be a magnet for annoying people. It happens everywhere we go. We got there, sat down, ordered drinks and were having a lovely time when a family walks in with five children all under the age of eight. Usually, this wouldn’t be a big deal, however, the hostess put them at the table right behind us. This wouldn’t be a big deal either, except the tables are so close together you can hardly walk between the chairs when someone is seated in them. And the kids! OMG. The kids were awful. Throwing tantrums about who was going to sit next to Mommy. One kid did that “fish out of water” thing where he whips his body back and forth while whining at the same time.

Man and I exchanged one of those looks that says, “I can’t believe this is happening AGAIN.” Then two of the boys ran off to the bathroom, running right into my chair and nearly tripping a waitress in the process.

The boys came back, bumped into my chair and Man’s chair. He finally got up and moved to another place across the table that wasn’t in a high-traffic area. The kitchen must have been in a hurry to fill their order because they got their food pretty quickly and when they did, the kids were fine. But SHEESH.

I told Man I was sure glad I only had one. I know myself. One is all I can handle. 😀

Saturday was low-key. Got the kiddo around 3 and then we had dinner and headed out to see fireworks. We parked with the rest of the crowd to see the fireworks from the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. There was some excitement – the group next to us attracted the interest of the local police. They cuffed two of the folks and then the Sgt came over and told them they could leave on their own, or they could go in the police car. They all left. That was the excitement for the evening. Well, until the fireworks.

Didn’t get home until nearly 11 after fighting the traffic out of there. That’s the thing about 4th of July. The TRAFFIC is the pits no matter where you end up watching the fireworks from because everyone and their mother and dog are leaving at the same exact time.

Sunday was quiet. Kiddo went back to his dad early morning and I did laundry and worked on financial statements for about four hours. Fun, fun, fun. But it’s done now and I can get really serious about reconciling.

I also roasted a pork loin for dinner. It was delish.

And that was my weekend. Way too short if you ask me. Hope the week goes as fast. It’s time to start making a travel check list.

Happy Monday!

By Michelle

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