Fixed shower!

Hey I blogged at RomErotica yesterday about NaNo. Stop by if you can!


This weekend, Man and I did some home repairs. As it turned out, it was fairly simple. He had already fixed my shower head by replacing it. Together, we replaced the faucet washers. The shower no longer drips! YAY! AND it shuts off like it’s supposed to. I’m no longer wasting money down the drain (literally). I’m so happy.

I also talked him into getting on the roof and cleaning out the dryer vent – it was clogged (and I HATE that it vents to the roof but oh well – it’s an old house). My dryer is back in business again, too.

What else did I do this weekend? Well, Saturday we went to Toys R Us and made our shopping wish list for our kids for Christmas. I can’t wait to start shopping. I figured out a way to buy presents without going broke AND paying cash for them all so I’m super excited.

I was so in the spirit of Christmas, I went to Garden Ridge and bought $75 worth of decorations. I got lights for the house and Man is going to put them up for me. They’re blue. Blue is really hard to find so I snatched them up. Next year, I’ll get more to outline the roof. And every year I’m just going to add more to the outside decor. I also got a 38 inch weath for the front of the house (not lit). I’m feeling like Christmas…

I DID write, too! WOO! I got my daily quota in so I’m all caught up. Tonight I should hit 20K provided I can get my fingers flying. The story is starting to take off now. I’ve got my hero and heroine in place to start conspiring against Caesar. Now. What’s going to happen after THAT? I can’t kill him off right away.. can I? Else there’d be no story…

Anyway, it’s Monday. And back to the regular old grind. That’s the way it goes, I guess! Happy Monday.

By Michelle

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