The new hot water heater has been installed and we once again have hot water. Always nice because it sure sucks to take an ice cold shower.

No writing to speak of last night since I was busy. Went to pick up DH at the airport and they sat waiting for an hour for the gate to vacate. UGH. That meant I had to occupy a 3-yr-old for that amount of time in the terminal. And why is the friggin terminal so bloody hot? I was sweating my arse off.

While we were waiting, it gave me ample time to people watch. Boy are there some freaks in the airport. They wear the strangest stuff, too. Of course, we can’t get to the gate area, so I had to watch through the glass. There were some people who have this poochy stomach and were wearing the tightest most revealing shirts. They probably thought they were sexy too, but, really who wants to see your big fat belly hanging over your hip huggers? Please. Others looked harried on their way to their gate. But then there was this one woman who was strolling through the terminal eating an apple with not a care in the world. She had this look of wonder on her face like she hadn’t been in an airport before, just meandering down the walkway while other passengers zipped by her.

I’m filing all that away in the back of my brain for a possible use in a story someday.

Got a great lead for a market for my short story Eorwulf. As soon as I can, I’m going to submit it. I think I’d rather do that than do the contest. I just can’t bear to cut any words from it for the Writer’s Digest contest and I don’t have time to figure out how to get Canadian funds for the other one.

Anyway.. about to dash to meet a friend for lunch. She’s moving to New Mexico next week. I got her some small gifts as a going away present.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.