Flipping for Starbucks

Yesterday I met the Man for lunch downtown. I’d forgotten about the big Veteran’s Day parade and so traffic was heavy and parking spaces were slim. I managed to find a place at a meter, though, and Man and I were off to Potbelly for some sammies. Incidentally, I love Potbelly. They have this sandwich called “The Wreck” and I love it. LOVE!

So our usual after lunch routine is to go to Starbucks. I ordered a grande skinny vanilla latte (see? SKINNY – for the impending wedding dress…) and Man ordered his grande americano. The kid behind the counter was new. So new in fact, he didn’t know the abbreviations for any of the drinks. Plus he was just an all around mess. Cups kept trying to fly off the counter but he had cat-like reflexes and managed to keep them from hitting the ground. Following is the conversation that ensued:

Man: Nice juggling act.

Kid: Thanks! I used to be in the circus


Kid: No, really! I was.

Me: Were you a clown? *giggle*

Kid: *laughs* No, but I can do a back flip.

Me: Hm. I’d kind of like to see that.

Kid: Okay!

And then… much to my horror, the actually DID IT. Right there behind the counter! I couldn’t believe it. In fact, I was laughing while I clapped for this acrobatics. Whodda thunk? Acrobatics at Starbucks. It absolutely made my day.

The rest of the day, my allergies were kicking my butt. Hopefully I’ll feel better once the cold front comes through. Until then, I’m suffering.

At least it’s Friday and…

29 days to go

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.