Progress Update: 2518 words on Friday; zero for the weekend but I did some brainstorming for the new contemporary series.

Look! I have flowers. The Man worked really hard on the yard yesterday and we finally have the beginning of a flower bed. This is at the corner of the garage. The rocks you see there? Well that used to be weeds. We bought three bags of rock to fill the space and make it more appealing than ugly weeds. Go Man!

He did a nice job. The flowers here are purple vincas and white begonias. We have more to plant which will go on the other side of the garage to frame it out and make it match. I also planted marigold seeds in a hanging basket and they’re starting to grow. No blooms yet. Only some green. As soon as I have blooms, I’ll take pictures of that. My herbs are still growing, too.

Weekend was good. I got up early Saturday morning and went to a local chapter meeting and it was very informative. I enjoyed it a lot. Then went to Mom’s and dropped off some books and took her to lunch at On The Border. We stuffed ourselves. On the way home, in the heat, I decided I better get the AC in the car checked. I needed an oil change, so I stopped at my usual place. They checked the AC and sure enough it was 1 pound low on freon (and it holds only 1.2 pounds…not good) and there was a leak. They fixed it and now it blows ice cold air. Not exactly money I wanted to spend right now, but it was definitely necessary since it’s been in the upper 90s and it’s really no fun to drive in a hot car.

Got home, finally, late afternoon. Man and I took a trip to Best Buy so I could spend my $30 in reward certificates. I got the second season of LOST on DVD (and I only had to pay $5 for it!). And then we went home. I was exceptionally tired since I got up so early. Had a bit of a rough evening on a personal front and was totally bummed out Sunday. I think that’s why Man took me to Lowe’s and bought flowers. It did cheer me up. 🙂 He also grilled a brisket and I made the best darn potato salad EVER. We had a great meal. And then enjoyed the rest of the evening by doing a lot of nothing. I do get some notes taken down on a new contemporary series I want to work on but other than that, there wasn’t a lot of writing going on.

Can’t believe it’s Monday already!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.