Food Hangover

I will never eat again.

Not really, but that’s certainly how I feel. The food the last two days was awesome. I haven’t eaten that good in … forever. Yesterday’s lunch consisted of a chicken breast smothered in a lovely cream sauce, two jumbo shrimp stuffed with crab meat, rice pilaf, and lovely whole carrots. Chocolate cake was dessert. Holy cow… I didn’t eat dinner and I’m not eating breakfast today. I’m not even hungry!

The retreat was great. The writing class was informative and interesting yesterday. Today I’m still mentally and physically exhausted. BUT – I got to reconnect with an old friend who now lives in New Mexico and I’m making plans to fly out and visit her for a weekend. I am so excited! All I need is a plane ticket so I’m going to be checking into Southwest fares.

It rained all night and the satellite is out so the baby – who is with me for the day because his dad is working – is watching Teletubbies :dead: on DVD. I gotta hop in the shower and then it’s of to the bank, post office, and then we’re driving across town to visit his Grammy. He’s been asking to see her for the last few days. I think he misses her because I/we stayed with her after I moved out of the house. Anyhoo… I got my $50 rebate from Cingular for buying my new cell phone and naturally it’s burning a hole in my pocket! I’m going to go get something to put my DVDs on and some chair cushions for my dining chairs. WOO! Hopefully I can catch up on all my favorite blogs today or tomorrow. I’ve missed ya’ll! 😉

Happy Saturday all!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.