Food Hangover?

I think I have one of those food hangovers. You know, where you just gorge yourself and you feel awful the next morning.

Went to Macaroni Grill last night and had their house chianti, penne rustica, latte cheesecake for dessert and cappuccino. It was delicious. Afterward, we were going to go see a movie but there wasn’t anything worth seeing. And there were too many teenagers in the mall, so we just left and went back to collect our child. It was nice to have dinner out without DS, but it was also strange. 😎

Today I need to run to the post office and mail off five more submissions to some agents. Got two rejections back already. Standard form letters. Makes me wonder if they even read it.

And since I have a child in here messing with everything, must dash.

Happy Saturday!:grin:

By Michelle

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