Fool’s Gold? *snore*

I tried. I really did. I tried to watch it. I got through the first hour and was…bored. I was not entertained at all.

I think I had several factors against me, though. (1) My child didn’t want to go to sleep; (2) I was distracted by Man; (3) I was trying to keep it low so I wouldn’t disturb my child who wasn’t sleeping.

Oh well. Maybe I’ll try again. I had to return the movie this morning.

Now I must bitch. The parking situation at my office is deplorable. A new building for lawyers was built next door and they have literally taken over two full floors of our garage. Not only that, but now we have these MORONS who park their #@$*#$ Cadillac and not bother to pull all the way up, which means the rest of us have to SQUEEZE by. And it’s not like these lanes in the garage are wide anyway. I drive a small car so I can’t imagine those who have trucks and SUVs getting through that teeny space. I saw the person walking away from her car. I wanted to stop and tell her what a jackass she was. People really suck sometimes.

Anyway… I didn’t get any writing done. However, Sunday night I DID break the 10,000 mark. My goal is to try and finish chapter three this week on MAGIC.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.