For #TuesdayTeaser: Her Fierce Knight


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Book 5 in the Realm of Honor Series

Today’s post comes from my new release, Her Fierce Knight. This is the final book in the Realm of Honor fantasy romance series.

“How about whiskey?”

Ainthas stood and turned away from the table, walking across the dining hall to a high table on the other side. He grabbed two small cups and filled them with a pale amber liquid then walked back to her.

“I’ve never had whiskey.”

“Nor I. Shall we try it together?” He handed her the cup.

She held it between her palms and looked down into the liquid, smelling the sharp tang and smiling. “It smells delicious. And strong. Like I might get drunk on one sip.” She glanced up at him, her brows raised in question. “Or is that what you’re trying to do, your majesty?”

“Get you drunk? Why I never.”

She laughed. Together the two of them downed the drink in the same instance. It burned all the way down to her toes, giving her a lovely warming feeling and making her head thick. As though she’d suddenly grown fur between her earlobes. She laughed again. A hearty laugh that come from the belly up her throat. She held out her cup.


“Are you sure, your majesty?”

She wiggled the cup at him. “Another!”

He went back to the table, grabbed the decanter and returned to fill her cup and his. They clinked cups and then downed the drink together.

“How wonderful this is. I haven’t been this happy in ages.” She giggled.

“Did you know it’s the color of your eyes?” He held up the decanter, the amber liquid winking in the candlelight making it sparkle. “I’ve always thought so.”

“Have you?”

“I have.”

He set aside his cup and advanced around the table, walking in slow, silent steps like a big cat. As though he were on the prowl. Indeed, his mesmerizing green eyes sparked with desire and need. Everything she’d been feeling since the moment she saw him. She turned her back to the table and watched him approach. Her heart beat so hard, she was sure he heard it.

Ainthas pried the cup from her fingers and placed it on the table next to her. He pinned her between the table and his wall of muscle. She’d only noticed that for the first time. Gods, he was handsome. With that fall of silvery hair and those pale green eyes. She couldn’t stop from reaching up to brush away the locks from his forehead, letting her fingers glide through the strands and over his scalp.

By Michelle

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