Fortune Cookie

On Friday, I took the kiddo to Pei Wei for dinner, which he devoured in 2.3 seconds. I think his favorite part of the meal is the fortune cookie. Mine was particularly interesting:

“You will become more passionate and determined about your vision.”

Perhaps that could tie into my post from Friday.

The other fortune said:

“Your creativity takes you to great heights.”

I’d say these are both of interest! 🙂

Worked on Rome yesterday. Inching ever so closer to getting it finished. But fatigue overtook me early in the evening. The kiddo climbed in bed with me during the storm that rolled through (at 3:30 am) and kept me up for about an hour. I finally got him settled back down and into his own by. Of course, when the alarm went off, it was far too soon. Somehow, I managed to drag myself up.

The parent/teacher conference went well. The ex, the teacher and I all agree that the kiddo is very smart and can do the work. He just lacks focus. So we are all banded together to get him more focused. We’re going to try a reward chart at each of his respective houses. The nice thing is, the ex and I do have similar parenting styles. So that helps keep things consistent with the kiddo. Hopefully we can get him focused and keep him that way. Soccer starts back up this weekend, so maybe some outside activity will help.

Not much else to report. I’ll be writing today. That much I do know. I’m going to finish this book this week if it kills me. 🙂

By Michelle

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