Hey hop on over to the Southern Fried Chicas blog and read my rejection mini-rant today.

Yes, I got rejected and that’s about all I’m going to say about that.

I’m foul today. All I wanted to do last night was lay my ass on the couch and watch Day Break (I wish to kiss whoever invented the DVR, btw). My child, however, had other ideas.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my son to pieces. But he was absolutely making me insane last night. He was whiny and cranky and we had to go to the damn store before I could even get dinner on the table so it was 7 before we got home to eat. And I was a tired mom last night so I gave him frozen pizza. And of course he whined about wanting to watch cartoons, but they were banned in the house last night because I wanted to see Dancing With The Stars and Day Break. So he pitched a fit and I banished him from the living room. And then he whined about playing on the computer so in order to give myself some peace, I let him play his Thomas Train game for 30 minutes. By then it was 8 and time for his bath, so I paused my DVR to get that done. I got him all ready for bed and tucked in by 8:30 and I was all happy to snuggled down on the couch with the cat and the remote to watch Taye Diggs (seriously, is he hot or what?) and Day Break.

But did I get to do that? NO. You know why? Because my son decided he needed a drink of water every 5 minutes. And then it was a game to get up and try to scare Mom. And then by the time I got him quiet and actually watched the entire show, I shut everything down just after 10, looking forward to getting into bed because I’m absolutely exhausted, when he decides he’s hungry!


I give him some cheese, tell him to eat it and then get in bed. And he does. And finally there is peace and he’s in bed and asleep. And just as I’m about to doze off… my cell phone beeps and it’s The Man with the message to call him. So, naturally, I do. And end up chatting with him until well after 11.

So today I’m tired and cranky and just plain foul. And the new shoes I bought yesterday (Yes, I bought shoes yesterday) slip off my heel and it’s pissing me off. And it’s not that they’re too small either. They’re not. A half size smaller would be way too small. But I don’t like they slip off the heel and it’s really on the left one that does it.

*sigh* Well. At least the shoes are fabulous looking and I can sit at my desk all day. Right?

I think I’m going to eat my entire bag of Dove chocolate when I get home. Then I should feel all better.

By Michelle

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