Since I was homebound all day Monday because I was too a-skeered to get out and drive on the ice, I surfed and surfed and surfed. Most of the day. I also blogged over at ShoeIQ, so check it out when you get a sec.

In my surfing du jour, I found this! It’s JTRS International and the really best part is – they have THE checklist. And it’s not just ANY checklist. It’s the checklist to END all checklists. I mean – it’s 24 MEG to download! TWENTY-FOUR MEG! In Excel! It has every tiny shoe ever made!


Did I mention I bought Flirt? It’s pictured here. The thing about this shoe that’s so amazing to me is the intricate detail. LOOK – you can even see toe imprints. Isn’t that so cool? This is so my kind of shoe. I would totally wear this every where I go.

I came to a decision. Since there are well over 300 of of these things in existence, there’s NO WAY I will ever be able to collect them all. So I’ve decided to pick the ones that speak to me. It’s sort of like buying real shoes. They have to SPEAK to me. And they have to be really cute too. And have a totally kick-ass name. Like…Flirt. Scandalous. Pointedly Wicked. Red Devil. Love Hurts. Bling. Bimbette. Diva.

Okay I’m getting carried away. You totally get the idea, right? And I’ve probably sickened most of my readers to death with my over-the-top new obsession. I’ll stop. I promise.

But they are just so cute…it’s hard.

Anyway! I’ve started my new regiment. My new writing regiment that is. I’m writing! Every night! 1000 words! If it kills me! I swear on Manolo Blahnik I am! And yes, Devon, you might have to keep me in check with my goals. Get yer whip out, okay?


Even if I don’t make that submission deadline of March 2, I still want to at least have a finished story by March 2. That way, even if I don’t make it to the anthology, I can still submit it to my editor at Samhain. And then I will concentrate once again on Magic #2.

I felt the need for some inspiration, so I watched Lord of the Rings. The first one. Aragorn…Swoon. Can he be any more fine? He’s so totally sexy. And then I chatted on IM for like two hours with a good friend of mine. The time went by so fast! But we talked about books and movies and lots of other things. I’d swear sometimes she’s my cosmic twin. 😉

I also can’t believe I have ANYTHING to blog about from staying home for three days. This has got to be the most boring thing to read EVER.

Well it’s back to the office today. And you know, I’m actually happy about that. I think I’m starved for conversation with another human. I mean, Sampson is cool and all, but he doesn’t talk much. Methinks being a recluse is not for me.


Happy Tuesday. Stay warm!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.