Fraidy Cat

Since my front yard was getting kinda thick – and both neighbors mowed – I decided last night to mow the front. I can only do one yard at at time. Especially in 95 degree heat with high humidity.

Anyway, I settled the kiddo down on the computer and headed outside. I left the garage door up. A few minutes in, the kiddo comes wandering outside because he can’t remember is password on one of his websites. I finally shooed him away and he went back inside. A lot of minutes later, I finished up and as I pulled the mower into the garage, I noticed the kiddo had left the door open from the house to the garage.

I knew immediately the cat had gotten out. Because Samping likes to explore the garage. I, however, do not like him in the garage because I have ant poison, paint and other chemicals out there. I ran inside and frantically looked for the cat. He was no where to be found. The kid was hysterical.

It was especially tense for me since he doesn’t have any front claws and can’t defend himself (he was declawed by the previous owner when I got him – not my doing).

Back outside, I began the search of the neighborhood for Sampson. A few houses down, was a kid outside. I ran up to ask if he’d seen a gray and white cat. Nope. I went the other direction, calling the cat’s name and trying to find him.

I look under my bushes, the side of the house. No cat. On the other side of the house, I look and look for him. I finally spot him slinking near the edge of the bushes at the neighbors house. I rush over and shoo him back toward the house. He’s hissing and giving me that angry meow.

Finally, I get everyone back inside and shut the garage door and the door to the house. I knew it was a mistake on the kiddo’s part so I didn’t yell at him too bad. But I did explain to him why it’s VERY important that the cat NEVER leave the house. He was really upset, but I told him I knew it was a mistake so I wasn’t mad and I was just happen Sampson came right back.

So after mowing the yard and the cat fiasco, I was exhausted! I’d like to say I went to bed early, but instead my girlfriend called shortly after 10 and we talked for nearly 45 minutes. When I climbed into bed, I picked up my book on Faeries and read that (it’s research for the Magic book), so even though I didn’t get any writin done… I DID get some reading research done. (The Magic book is based on Celtic myths and legends.)

I’m off to work now. Have a great day all!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.