Free Book Friday!

Hi, ya’ll. It’s here! Another Free Book Friday! Today I’m giving away Beth Williamson’s Sword of Rhoswen.

Yesterday was one of those fast and furious days. I had lots of little stuff to take care of at the office. You know…those nuisance tasks that don’t take very long but you have like a thousand of them.

Then I had to pick up the kiddo from school. We ran errands afterward. I had to get my car inspection since it expired in December. Yeah, I’m a little late. And then it was off to the post office where I stood in line for nearly half an hour.

Here’s what I don’t get about the post office. You have three clerks but only two are “working” and the line is literaly out the door. Wouldn’t you think the third clerk would, oh, say, assist customers?? I mean, that only makes sense to me. But what do I know? It just really irks me. And of course there are those people ahead of you in line that either have 230498 packages or they don’t have all their paperwork filled out before they get to the windows. Which just ensures that they have to come back, quite possibly bumping you out of line.

And I got my package in the mail but OF COURSE I was so distracted by the long line (and my child’s behavior) that I spaced and forgot to mail my mortgage. At least it’s not late yet.

Then it was back home where the kid played while I did more work. And then I realized I had to do his Valentine’s project. I had to take an old shoe box, cover it, then cut a hole in the top for the valentine’s. You know what? I’m geometry and mathmetically challenged. I’m also challenged in the task of covering boxes, i.e., I suck at it. I had quite a time trying to figure out what to wrap the box in utnil Sysenlaw suggested tissue paper. And I had an abundance of that!

Of course that was a challenge too. And then cutting the whole out of the top. I used a kitchen knife. 😀 Then he had to decorate it. Well, I’m a lazy/tired Mom, so I rumaged around in his room until I found several sheets of stickers. I handed them to him and told him to go knock himself out putting on the stickers.

And for some reason that kid kept walking around singing YMCA. It was cracking me up. I also had a time getting him to do his homework. It took him forever to write 11 sentences with his spelling words and it was driving me insane. I had to sit with him and hover over him to make him do it. I can tell it’s just not his thing. hehe

We watched Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader and I’m happy to announce *I* knew the answer to the million dollar question. Hello, The Right Stuff. Hadn’t she seen that movie? Even Jeff Foxworthy alluded to that. Duh. Then we watched Don’t Forget The Lyrics and the couple at the beginning was just downright annoying. I liked the guy who won $200,000.

After I finally got the kid in bed, I got to watch Lost. Interesting twists and turns so far this season but I’m not sure I’m entirely happy with the show this year.

Anyhoo… I finished getting the contest entries ready. Now it’s time to start assigning judges and then getting them out the door. WOO! I’m ready so I can get back to writing. I also volunteering for a contest. I know how hard it is to find judges so, you know, I felt obligated.

I’m ready to get back to One Knight Only. I think the Middle Ages are my favorite time period in history. If I could, I’d like to go back in time just to see it live, in action. This book is about jousting so I went out on a limb and emailed the good folks at Medieval Times to see if I can interivew one or two of their knights. So far no response. But wouldn’t that be cool? hehe I’ve done quite a bit of reading on jousting, but there’s nothing like getting it firsthand, even if they are doing it the safe way.

So what’s your favorite time period? Who would you want to meet and what would you do there?

Post a comment and tell me if you want to be entered in Free Book Friday. Drawing will be on Saturday sometime – but I’ll be busy since I have RWA and then my first book signing. I promise to announce the winner tomorrow, though. 😉 Contest closes at midnight CST, as always.

Happy Friday!

By Michelle

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