Friday 5: Why I love action movies

And today I’m talking about one of my favorite subjects: movies!

I enjoy action movies. Super hero movies. Adventure movies. Space operas. I tell my husband going to the movies to see a chick flick is pretty much a waste of money. We should totally go to the movies to see stuff that has explosions in it, because that’s why you go to the movies. Let’s watch the chick flicks at home, k? (The only exception to this rule was the Sex and the City movie – the first one, not the horrid second one – and only because I couldn’t wait for DVD on that one. He was a good husband and took me. :D)

Here are five reasons why I love action movies:

1. There is usually a hot guy. Or two.
2. Explosions!
3. Super heroes!
4. The bad guys are almost as fun to watch as the good guys.
5. Cool stuff happens.

Now you’re turn – what is your favorite genre of movie?

By Michelle

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