Friday At Last

Not much to blog about today except for the fact that I’m glad it’s Friday. This week has been a total pain in my ass. And for no real reason. It’s just been one of those weeks I guess.

I got home a little late last night and as I was out picking up the trash can and the mail, I met my neighbors. Really sweet little old ladies. They said if I ever needed anything, to please not hesitate to come over. I thought that was so nice. So I feel much better now that I know my neighbors. I think I’ll bake a little something and take it to them when it gets closer to Christmas.

It was a hard decision for me, but I decided this year I just can’t do anything for co-workers. Every year I try to get little somethings for the ladies I work with but this year since money is tight, I’ve decided to forego that. I think I’ll bake a cheesecake instead. They’ll like that even more than if I got them something. I got a house for Christmas, so I can’t complain too much about not getting any gifts. 🙂

Anyway, my Christmas shopping is practically done. I have one or two more items to buy for the Sweetie Boy and that’s it. I want him to have a good Christmas with me. And I’m trying hard to resist the urge to buy decorations for the house. Oh I want to so bad!

Woke up this morning at 4:30 with horrible stomach cramps. And then of course by the time I went back to sleep it was time for the alarm to go off. I have a ton of errands to get done today. Bank, post office, mall to pick up something for someone special. I’d like to get it done today so I don’t have to draft the baby along with me tomorrow because I have other plans for the weekend – movies, Lowe’s, Ikea.

Full weekend! And I’m really REALLY looking forward to having those four days off next week.

By Michelle

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