Friday At Last

Has this been the longest week known to man?

I know I’m a little late blogging this morning but I was running late from the house this morning. I fell into bed after listening to an hour of Episode 4 of Collective You. I was in tears I was laughing so hard. It’s our best episode yet. So check it out. I’m sitting here writing this blog and listening to the show now from beginning to end.

I’ll have the Sweetie Boy on Sunday since his dad has to work. Looking forward to it. Not sure what we’re doing yet, but hopefully something fun. We might be at Brother’s recording Episode 5 of Collective You. Don’t know yet.

I received another review on Talk Dirty To Me. This one from Romance Reviews Today and is another smashing report: TALK DIRTY TO ME begins and ends with loads of sexual tension, and the pages in between fairly crackle with eroticism and steaminess.  Upon starting this e-book, my first from Samhain Publishing, I couldn’t help but think, “phone sex operator?  Pshaw”, but Ms. Miles proved that even a phone sex operator can be a heroine with a character that not only rings true but also deserves to have her dreams come true.  Claudia is edgy, real, and lonely in the romance department after being burned by a man she thought she loved.  In an attempt to conquer her demons and slay her inhibitions, she starts her own phone sex line.  Hey, it pays the bills, and when she first ‘meets’ Jack, the sky’s the limit in how many ways her body dances to his beat.  It’s a riveting story that would make great bedtime reading, leaving a smile on your face…as well as your honey’s.


Not much else to report today. I’m gonna go drink some coffee. :coffee:

By Michelle

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