Friday Linkages

I didn’t blog until late in the day over at the Chicas – but please check it out. It’s totally NON-writing related. hehe

And for some hilarious take about panty hose, read Voodoo’s blog here.

Lara did a tag on her blog, so I thought I’d answer it here, too.

Five Reasons Why I Blog

  1. Because I can
  2. It helps empty the brain at the end of the day (what? you don’t think there’s anything in there? Neither do I…)
  3. Everybody’s “doing it”
  4. Blogging is the new black
  5. I figure it’s the best way to push my nonsensical stuff on folks – HA

I’m tagging anyone who wants to answer the tag. 😀

For some reason, the comments were turned off on yesterday’s post a good portion of the day. I have no idea why and it was certainly unintentional, so if you tried to comment and couldn’t, my apologies.

I’m stressed out. My attempts to communication have been failing miserably lately. Yeah, I’m sucking at it. It must be that Mercury Retrograde thing. Then on Tuesday, during my live chat, my computer decided to reboot not once but TWICE, effectively knocking me out of the chat room. Nice. I think this weekend it will be time for some serious computer maintenance – not that I don’t do that already – but it’s time to defrag the HD, do a virus and an Ad-Aware scan.

Plus work has been somewhat stressful for me these last few days. I’m trying to roll with the punches and it’s certainly a difficult thing. I will say – I got the COOLEST keyboard for the new laptop. I have a hard time typing on the laptops and IT was kind enough to shop for a keyboard for me. Always make nice with IT – that’s my motto.

Anyway…didn’t mean to get off on work but sometimes that’s unavoidable. I’ve learned over the last few years to leave work at the front door (or the blog entrance, as the case may be).

I got more words in today on the dragon story. Still writing on the Neo. Still haven’t downloaded.

I cooked dinner last night and realized that my brand new stove will be here in less than a week. WOOHOO! I am so thrilled about that. I can’t wait to actually cook on it and BAKE in the oven that actually has a nob that works. Yes, in my current oven, the temperature nob is like playing roulette – it’s anyone’s guess what the actual temperature is going to be. Okay, so, I have an oven thermometer but what fun is that? I don’t want to have to GUESS when it comes to baking or cooking in the oven. Plus, this one is self-cleaning. It’s not ultra-fancy, but it IS a helluva lot better than what I have right now. And NO MORE coils on the cooktop. I effing HATE those things. They are lopsided and the drip pans are icky and I have NO desire to clean up someone else’s greasy mess (Yes, I did buy new drip pans but they are only good for so long before you have to take them out and scrub them down and I’m terrified of cleaning UNDER the cooktop because I have no idea what I’m going to find seeing as how this was a rent house and all before me…) The new stove has the lovely glass cooktop and OOoOO! It’s gonna be so cool.

After today…there are only FIVE more working days before I am on Spring Break with Sweetie Boy, Best Good Friend, and Niece. WOOHOO! This is the first week-long vacation I’ve had in … I have no idea how long. Ever, maybe. I am so looking forward to decompressing for a while and just hanging out with the kids and relaxing. I actually have a busy month ahead with Spring Break one week and then his dad is going out of town the next, so I’ll have him a couple of days then too. It’s a good thing.

And another good thing… I bought shoes. Zappos was having free overnight shipping and I just couldn’t refuse. I’d been coveting this pair of shoes for a while. Well, not this exact pair which is Steve Madden, but rather the Betsey Johnson ones. Anyway, they are IDENTICAL in style, just one costs about $25 less than the other. And I wanted it in black patent, so I went with the Steve Madden version. However, that all being said, I am currently still coveting the red velvet Betsey Johnson.

And since I was shopping and getting free overnight shipping, I ended up buying a pair of shoes for Best Good Friend too. They were a helluva lot less than what I spent on myself. hehe I told her she could pay me back NEVER. She said since I bought her feet, she’d buy my L’eggs. HAR.

I’ll be blogging about the shoes, though, in Monday’s ShoeIQ blog since I’ve been failing miserably at that lately. I’ve had NOTHING to blog about regarding shoes and THAT’S a totally sad state of affairs.

And WOW this post is way longer than I had anticipated. That’s it for me. Happy Friday ya’ll!

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