Friday of a long weekend

Progress Update: 1555 total words for the day; good writing session. Still slow progress but hopefully I can start picking up the pace since I’m finally getting to the meat of the story.

Happy Friday! I’m SO looking forward to the long weekend. Tomorrow, we’re off on an adventure to the country to visit family and then I plan to do as much as nothing as possible the rest of the weekend. Tuesday the kiddo has some teeth extracted (poor kid) so I’m taking that day off as well to stay with him while he recovers.

The kiddo and I went to the library last night to return some books and he checked out three more. Star Wars books. Which I’m sure will lay in his bedroom floor for the next three weeks, too. I’m going to have to get onto him for that. Also, we got some unsettling news. It seems his soccer coach won’t be coaching in the Fall which means they’ll either have a new one of he’ll go to another team. I’m rather distraught about that. The team was just so awesome last Spring and they went undefeated. Ah well. Had to happen eventually.

Today I have some light grocery shopping to do and tonight I’ll make up my cucumber salad to take with me to the country for the cookout. I’m sure it’ll be a long day, but that’s okay. It’ll be grand fun!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.