Friday of a long weekend!

I’m happy today is Friday. I’m even happier it’s the Friday of a long weekend! I’m looking forward to the three days off.

It’s Memorial Day weekend – the official start of boating season, summer, and barbeques. Also the official start of hot and humid weather here in Texas. It’s going to be nearly 95 today. And by the end of the weekend… with the heat index… it’ll feel like it’s almost 100. Yuck.

A quick sidenote – can I just say I’m sick of hearing about the polygimists? The big huge argument is about whether or not they should have taken the children away. And of course there are lawyers involved and fighting. As far as I’m concerned, if there are 50 year old (dirty) men having sex with girls who are 16 and younger, then they SHOULD have taken them away. ALL of them. I don’t know how anyone can call that sort of procreation the work of the Lord. Because it’s NOT.

Anyhow… This weekend, we’re going to see Prince Caspian. And if I get REALLY brave, we’ll go see Indy, too. I’ve been looking at the schedule and I’m wondering if the 9:30 am show will be packed… I might give it a try. Then again, I may be INSANE to try. I’ll have to report back on that one. hehe

Lots of movies this summer! I’m going to be racking up the points on my movie club card. WOOHOO!

Hope everyone has a great Friday and a super weekend! 🙂

By Michelle

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