Friday stuff

I feel SO much better today! I almost feel normal. I can finally breath!!

I was still congested yesterday and my boss suggested I get this thing called a Neti Pot. I’d never heard of it. She said I could get it at the drug store. So I went yesterday after the school holiday party and got one. Basically, it’s a sinus flush. You pour the stuff in one nostril and it comes out the other. And it’s gross. But you know what? It flushes all the crud out of your nasal passages and it works! I woke upt his morning still a little congested but I feel loads better.

The school party was so cute yesterday. The kids had a lot of activities, including making a Santa from a Pringles can. Below is the kiddo’s version of that.


I helped them do this. It was kind of a hard activity for them! And I had to reinforce everything with hot glue. I only burned my fingers twice. 😆 They also did Jingo (Jingle Bells Bingo), decorated cupcakes, and played a couple of other games. I gotta say, the party was a hoot. And the room mom was a lot of fun.

Afterward, the kiddo and I ran a couple of errands. I got some new wiper blades from AutoZone. We headed to Lowe’s for firewood (becuase it’s supposed to be a high of 29 on Monday!) and mouse poison. And then to Walgreen’s for the neti pot (which the kiddo thought was hilarious for some reason – I guess because it looks like a mini tea pot).

I’m just glad it’s Friday today! Tomorrow is the musical at the church and then Sunday I’ll be at Mom’s for Christmas with my ginormous family. I’m so looking forward to it!

By Michelle

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