Why is it…when you tell your kid it’s time for bed, they think of 5000 excuses NOT to go to bed? He needed 5 extra minutes in the tub (which he managed to splash all the water out and onto the ceiling – HELLO! – not to mention down the side of the tub. I so love cleaning up a sopping wet floor…) He’s hungry. He’s thirsty. He needs to be tucked in. Again.

It seems that when 9 pm rolls around, I am ready for him to be IN BED and to be left alone for the rest of the evening. And I have a short fuse when it comes to that. I just want him to go to bed. Is that so much to ask? And I’m sorry, even when school is out, he’s still going to bed at the alotted time of 9 pm.

My patience has been running very thin lately. I’ve also had sleeping problems. That could be why I’m so short-tempered. It’s not that I’m not sleeping – because I am. It’s that I wake up every morning with a sore neck. What the bloody hell am I doing in my sleep?

Doesn’t help my allergies are bothering me. Not enough to take something, just enough to be annoying. Just enough to give me the throat clearing syndrome.

Plus I burned my hand on the oven last week and it’s looking pretty bad. Better – but bad.

I have other complaints but I guess I’ll keep them to myself. 😉

We won’t even talk about the hockey game (except they actually played way better than in Detroit and – oh – the announcers are EFFING STUPID). They drain me just listening to them.

I’m going to start setting aside one night a week (for sure) to focus on the writing. Plus I’m going to try and get back to it during my lunch hour. At least make hand written notes on my already printed pages. That woulbe something, wouldn’t it?

Anyway – I have some birthdays coming up. I need to go get cards today!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.