Fun Saturday

I stayed up way too late last night watching the Stars game. They won in OT! But it was a nail-biter of a game. Especially in the third period.

This morning, I got up early and got started. I had to get gas (OUCH), then to the store for chips for the soccer party this afternoon, then I decided it was time to get the car washed. I was sick of it being so filthy. I went through the car wash where you stay in the car, then used their free vacuums. There was a TON of gross stuff under the kiddo’s car seat (he’s still in a booster because he’s short and doesn’t quite weight 50 pounds yet). Pieces of candy and all sorts of unidentifiable things…

Then I went home, cleaned the windshield and used Armor-all on all the surfaces inside the car. My windshield was so clean, I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with myself while driving.

Garage door is still broken. Well, just sick. The garage door guy couldn’t make it out today, so I rescheduled for Monday morning. I HATE taking off work for stuff like that, but alas, it must be done.

Headed to the last soccer game of the season and they won, 3-1. The boys had a terrific season and lost only one game. Plus, it was a beautiful day. Cool and clear sky. The high was 73 today.

After the game, we came home, changed clothes and I mowed the front and back since we’re supposed to get more rain tonight and tomorrow. It was in bad need of a good mowing. Then I showered and we headed to the park for the soccer party. The boys played HARD on the playground and then we all had pizza and cupcakes. Not exactly on the diet, but hey – it was tasty. They all got a goody bag and a trophy. And my kiddo was dubbed #1 Defenseman of the Year. *beam* hehe I have to say, my kid IS a great little defenseman. He has the logical brain and really thinks when he’s playing. It doesn’t help the kids are starting to look like a team and actually play some real soccer. Looks like we’ll be playing again in the fall.

We were there until about three. I came home with a raging headache. So I ended up being a lazy slug on the couch while I nursed it. The kiddo just played in his room.

I didn’t feel much like cooking so we had Chick-Fil-A for dinner. Again, not on the diet, but OH WELL. hehe I was dying for a tall cold Coke.

And now it’s about bedtime for the kiddo and I’m beat. It’s been a long day which will surely be a long night if those storms roll through at dawn like they’re promising. I hope it doesn’t get too bad… plus I’d like to make it to church tomorrow.

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.