Get busy, will ya?

(That title is for me, by the way ;))

Happy June!

Had a good day yesterday. Since the kid lost his lens on Saturday, I was up and going early yesterday so I could call the doctor’s office. They were very helpful. I explained the situation and got a new prescription for his glasses. Well, not new exactly. A reprint of his last prescription. I told them I would pick it up. The called back an hour later to let me know it was ready.

I managed to squeeze in 20 minutes of work-out time. I forgot I had a DVD with six 10 minute work-outs! I had been feeling very tired and run-down the last few days. Just working out those few minutes really made a difference in my day. Afterward, I headed downtown to pick up the prescription and swung by Man’s office to say hi. Then it was off to get the new glasses. I picked up the kiddo and went to the store. An hour later (and way too much money later), we were all done and I took him back to his grandparents house.

Got home, inhaled some lunch, and then for the next two hours, I made myself sit in my chair and write. I’d been having a story idea all weekend that wouldn’t leave me alone. So I finally got to sit down and hammer out some words. I got over 2300 words! I was so pleased with the progress. When I finished that chapter, I baked banana nut bread, made a fresh pot of ice tea and put some black beans in a bowl to soak overnight. I felt all domestic.

Still no calls on the resume. sigh

But in the meantime, I’m going to keep on writing!

By Michelle

I wish you all could be inside my head. The conversation is sparkling.